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My name is Ondrej Prišťák and name my wife is Katarína. We live at commune Jur nad Hronom closely Levice / the west Slovakia/. We started breeding saint bernard dogs in 1999 years by buying our first dog Fatima Inovec / sister interchampion Felix Inovec/ . Be in years 2004-2007 We are buying from Kertesi – Bársony kennel / Hungary / 2 females. Panda Kertesi – Bársony is daughter world winner Xantos von St. Florian and she is German type saint bernard dog.

The second female Lara – Kertesi – Bársony is daughter americans dog Opdyke Ozzy Wizzard.

She is americans type saint bernard dog

From famed kennel DEIN HARDS /Sweden/ in the year 2007 we buying male DEIN HARDS RED LEADER about vintage parents

We will have joy on the proviso tat see our homepage and show interest at saint bernard dog